Respect and care of the aina (land), the kai (sea) and that which is kapu (sacred), serves as a mantra and our creative inspiration. Pele-honua-mea (“Pele of the sacred land”) forbids the removal of rock and sand from the islands. Tutu Pele’s curse promises bad luck to those who challenge her and thousands of rocks are mailed back to the islands each year in effort to lift the curse.

Created to share the beauty that is Hawaii with the world with absolute respect for the aina. E Kipa Mai (come for a visit) and take a memory home.


Hawaii turns a nature lover

to a nature worshiper

I was born and raised in Silverton, Oregon, a beautiful community that does its best to preserve its history and diversity. My background is a variety of hands on jobs from boating in Alaska and across America doing whatever it took. I found Hawaii 12 years ago and I love the people, culture, food, landscapes and ever-changing weather of the Big Island.

Drawn from the West Coast to the Big Island of Hawaii for its beauty, culture, history, local hospitality and delicious food. Over whelmed with the kindness of friends and Ohana (family) I have made here in the Land of Aloha, I learned to live in the moment. The Hawaiian life philosophy, named Huna, is linked strongly with the observation of nature, humans and the world around us. Our experiences and ideas shape our reality and Huna influences our decisions.

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